STUDER Dual Balancing Unit/Dual Line Amplifier 线性前置放大板






Professional Audio System Components    

Dual Balancing Unit/Dual Line Amplifier 1.915.904 

In professional audio work it is not uncommon that equipment with unbal- anced input or output configuration must be connected to a system that is based on a strictly balanced design. The Dual Balancing Unit is the ideal component if the requirement of matching unbalanced to balanced equip- ment or vice versa has to be satisfied. 

The Dual Balancing Unit consists of one Euro-card which contains four se- parate circuits to accommodate unbalanced-to-balanced or balanced-to- unbalanced matching in a stereo system. It is the ideal choice for applica- tions in which consumer-type stereo equipment has to be integrated into a professional audio system, where balanced audio lines are a must. The Dual Balancing Unit will also be used in situations where balanced auxil- iary units must be connected to unbalanced insert points on a mixing desk. 


Price:1400 ¥

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