2015-FEATURED PRODUCTS headphone amplifier


The Vorhörverstärker used to supply kleinererLautsprecher required in mixing consoles for Vorhörkon-control and command reception. The nominal output power is 4 watts into 4 Ohm.Sie is with an input level of +6 dB A-1,55Verreicht. There are two versions available. The AusführungV478B has a symmetrical, transformerless unbalanced floating Eingangund a Ausgang.Sie is preferably provided for a hardwired speaker designed for connection without separation and Abzweigan-finals. Balanced and floating out off during the execution V 473 D are input and output. An additional unbalanced output allows connection of beiBedarf a transformerless Last.Wird used the device for supplying IeistungsschwacherVerbraucher. for example. Headphones, then by internal exchange of three resistors diemaximale output to 2 watts at 4 ohms will be-excluded (see wiring diagram). Both versions of the Vorhörverstärkers are executed alsEuropa plug-in card. The execution of the D Vorhörverstärkers entsprichtin all the details of previous version C. Only diebeiden secondary windings of the Austragungstrans- November 1985

Expected retail price:1000RMB